Zina, Student

I purchased  SAC Elite in Mall ,It is sleek ,very light and has very professional look , The features are awesome and it had exactly what I wanted. This is perfect fit for Business people and students. It has USB & headset jack,  very comfortable to wear., Also I can charge mobile and connect to headset. I liked the height of chest harness its a charm for short travel and school. Unbeatable on  quality. I love it and recommend it for all

Darren, Manager IT

 Nowadays family does a lot of outdoor adventuring. I bought SAC Fire for my son because as the kid's get older, they have shown interest in backpacking and not just hiking and climbing . As a parent, we also understand that we are not going to put down 300 to 400 dollars on a bag before we know how thoughtful they are! 


I Love sac Fire its all in one Backpack, its an awesome backpack with huge space and very comfortable and lite to carry. with hands-free umbrella holder. could have made better to fit all the umbrella,But fits generally available umbrella. I liked mini chair to rest . I was loving it while traveling to NY. Good work i loved it for space, quality price. Cheers!


Kaushik, Student and Professional Photographer 

I Love the tall boy. SAC Ultimate. I loved watching soccer match sitting on it, Folks around liked it. Also its very comfortable capturing pictures of Busy busy street's . Very innovative, Also i will share the pic or let me know where to upload in the site. Nice. I see all the product sold. Would be great if you have the more stock. Looks like its out of stock would like to get more for our team.

with bulit in compack stool -usb-headset jack 

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