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SitAndCarry (SAC)

SAC is not a typical Online Shopping Store for sales. We design some quality products for people which will help them throughout in normal routine life. SAC is designed with many drawing and reference from my help of my little monkey's 6 and 8 years old who are so passionate when i draw it and very excited when they saw the product ready. SAC has patent pending product's


 We select best material with most of the features that are required its handpicked product's which will help everyone on day to day activities . "SAC" donates a part of sales made for people lacking the necessity of life. This will be showcased in the Blog often.

Match our product  any where. We  Design  our own product and re-engineer existing product with best quality and affordable price range along warranty for all the product's. Comments will be taken seriously to improve the quality and deliver the best . 

We were first in market and but the idea and sample were cloned . But we are happy to bring it to life and help who deserve

We always assure for "Affordable Quality product "

We realized that many rudimentary wishes from human needs is not unearthed pertaining on how we carry our-self. I thought of designing and buying simple product and working with manufactures to bring a uniqueness in the way the people carry themselves and make life simple and useful by using our product..  

"SAC" is built  by Inspiration.


​A Middle-aged man in NY City


Met a person in Chicago subway, in winter Christmas Eve- 2008. He was playing a nice music with his torn back-pack. I noticed his valuable small musical things were falling in the ground often. It was too cold and he was struggling to find a place to sit with his torn bag pack and at last sat on that torn bag pack. So, I gave him a jacket and good backpack for him. I was extremely  happy to see a grin from his face.I realized 1 in three who travel's have backpack and need some time somewhere to sit. I saw people in NJ transit, domestic airport there is a lack of space to sit. So, from way back 2007 tried many products at my apartment and at last want to start it small so that most of us who carries backpack can sit.



We are trying to bring in the unique ideas with the budget we have have and make sure people are benefited from it

Lets Live and Bring the innovation together which will benefit all human.

life is very simple, we can make it more beautiful by adding more creativity- SAC



Its a dream of a  7 year old kid to create something for people who deserve a space in this packed crowd. Based on a miniature made way back in winter 2009 in Chicago. It has provoked us and kindled more interest in us to create something unique which is now Patented - Patent Pending Sit And Carry. A series of Patent(Patent Pending) Backpacks. As we see that out of 10 who commutes on average 6 to 7 use backpack. So we designed to provide Unique ,helpful & Multi-functional sitting backpack with Hands free Umbrella Holder ,Hidden removable built in sturdy aluminium stool and with much more bundled feature all in one Travel backpack. We combine the best material in FIRE,ELITE & ULTRA models . We Designed it with Unique style and selected best quality material with affordable price. This comes very handy for daily commuters,Traveler's,Trekker's,Hikers and students to unravel comfort.  We are working hard to make it very favorable product and make you feel comfortable while you really want to rest.  One Bag solves many travel purpose. we got this idea watching people who cannot afford a vehicle to commute and depends on public transportation, Especially in Bus Stop. Waiting and toiling in different weather though they carry backpack.

Now we are adding different dimension for travel bag-pack. You deserve your own place to sit when you need it. . We have USA patent - patent pending for our product's. The sketches and idea has been in store for a decade and now we are bringing it for your use by seeing the necessity. 

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SAC- Sit And Carry has all USA product's patent pending for utility. Produces a Unique Multifunctional sitting and  Hands free Umbrella  , It has featured packed in All-in-One  Bag-pack,  We combine the best material in FIRE,ELITE & ULTRA .It has Elegant style with Built in Ultra Light Aluminum chair's and Hands free Umbrella  . This can be handy for daily commuters, In Long queues,watching an event and sports to sit. It Protect from rainy/hot day with hands free umbrella holder feature , Hook most of the umbrella.


You deserve your own place to sit when you need it. SAC works hard to get quality product with affordable price to see happiness in you using our product. We have USA patent pending for all our product's which we designed a decade ago.

For queries on product email adminsitandcarry@sitandcarry.com or use chat service from the site. We will respond to you within 4 hours. We will respond  to your queries at the earliest"