Frequently asked questions

Will the things inside will obstruct or damage while opening the stool?

No, It will not . The interior of the bag is designed to prevent damages. But this will not limit keeping the stool always function.

Will the Materials will be protected from dirt from the chair after use?

No, It will not .Legs is completely hidden and by using the protective leg guard cover its materials inside are 100% dirt safe. Also while using the leg guard bag can be pulled out from the hidden pocket and cover the legs securely and while in use remove from the covered legs and put it back to the small pocket and zip it

Is it washable?

Yes, 100% remove the chair and its safe to wash

Can i carry in flight?

Yes, The you can safely carry and there is no cabin baggage restriction on our product

Do we get the chair cushion, Leg protection and chair seperately?

Yes its all available for the most convenient and its inexpensive. With best quality SAC-FIRE and SAC-LITE The chair can be bought if damaged. But its made of high quality and can withstand 210 lb.

Can you detach a stool from the backpack

Yes. The chair is easy to detach quickly, also convenient to combination and store

Is it suitable for carrying daily?

Yes it is ,It is designed for every day use for student,office goers, trekking, hiking , picinic, 6flags :) etc. it has many function including invisible integrated backpack chair. also it has the hidden treasure such as handsfree umberella, which will be useful to carry yourself with multitasking, Without holding umberella.

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