why sac?


SAC helps you in  Train Station when you are waiting for the missed train especially in NY :), Air Port , Long queue , Bus Stop , Whenever the kids are tired ,In Theme Park etc..



More than 1.5 million people travel across the United States every day and in that majority of people  travel for business purpose. They carry limited luggage for a trip.  Also, they do have many stopovers in small airports where some time they need their own space to sit and work with their laptop  if they do not find any place . Basically this might hinder basic work such as checking and responding email’s and working on the presentation while waiting for the transit flight’s. Its daunting waiting for the connecting flight.  Every  day, the FAA's Air Traffic Organization (ATO) provides service to more than 43,000 flights and 2.6 million airline passengers across more than 29 million square miles of airspace. With an airspace system as vast and complex. Its 15,800,000 + flights handled by FAA yearly.


Frustration is much more when we miss the Transit trains. SAC helps anyone to relax a bit while waiting. its aperfect companion in the crowded station . We in SAC were using it and we cherish.
Seeing all these there is compelling need of carrying  help traveler's to relax where ever they could not find the place
Also, Youths who goes to school college can use it as compact carry-on which can be also carried like backpack. This can fit more object than their regular backpack such as many referral books for the class and thesis, Planner, pens pencil highlighter, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Sports dress to change Soccer, Basketball,Base Ball. Model FIRE has unique hands free Umbrella holder can easily do multitasking such as sipping morning Starbucks coffee and speaking in mobile at same time . Carry a kid on shoulder in 6 flag? No problem you have hands free umbrella. It can be used for any winter/summer/rainy. More over its less than 2.5 lb and  water resistang with good and airflow technology.  These bags comes with different dimension and stunning style which will suit the younger ones. they might enjoy using SAC for various needs. Such as School/travel/Hiking/Sports.


Also some product of SAC come with accommodate sports gadgets and most of the product come with compatible USB port's and headphone socket to hear music or use any kind of entertainment

This is Unisex Men/Women/Youth boy’s and girls can take complete advantage of this product. Mostly two features are specifically provided for different age limit.  This also comes with builtin Hands-free umbrella folder support
It compromises all the Airline Regulations for Carry-on Baggage. which can be used for corporate people while traveling.These bag-pack and carry-on comes handy.

Some Key Features 

  • Built in Aluminium chair which can be pulled easily from bag and remove it completely when not in use and use the extra space

  • Hands-free Umbrella can be hooked in the backpack hook and can do multitasking without holding umbrella in one hand. Will be really helpful in rainy and sunny season and to carry your lovable little ones on your shoulders

  • You will never feel there is a chair inside. its ultra light , which can be used in airport,train station,6 flags and any kind of event's to relax when you do not have space

  • You have a builtin Umbrella holder on the backpack from which you can hook it to backpack and walk hands free.. Amazing right

  • USB and Headphone Jack

  • Key holder

  • 17"Laptop support

  • 3 way carry for Elite CarryOn series.

  • Sports Mesh ,USB and Headphone jack to secure ball/shoes which is removable for non patented sports version

  • Use it for Hiking/Trekking/school/Sports , its Ultimate machine one in all machine.

  • Unbeatable quality material and style


SAC backpack will bring happiness to all  who carry this as part of their travel every day.  This product has been evolving from 2007 and had its first trial way back in 2007 now its out of garage to have fresh new look. Many tried to clone our patented idea as product but we never gave up bring this up.  You will see more interesting product coming up. We love to bring innovation in backpack.

For queries on product email adminsitandcarry@sitandcarry.com or use chat service from the site. We will respond to you within 4 hours. We will respond  to your queries at the earliest"